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How The Cough Drop Patch Works?


nce you receive the Cough Drop patches, you will need to soak them in warm water for about 15 seconds to activate the healing blend.

The patches will need to be placed on your chest as shown in the illustration above. The patches will start to heat up. This warmth will activate the proprietary compound so the healing can begin.

The heat from the patches will trigger an auto-immune response from you body. The combination of warmth and our proprietary healing blend will “trick” your body into thinking your chest is in need of urgent attention by rushing blood to the source of your cough which would be around the chest area. The extra surge of blood will surround the affected area and attack the bad bacteria causing the cough and chest cold. After 15 – 25 minutes, you can take the patches off and go to bed.

While you sleep, your body will fight your chest cold & cough for you. You will wake up feeling much better, inside and out. Feel free to repeat nightly until you are well.